We are an marketplace focused exclusively on Organic and natural products. We believe “Good Life” goes beyond ordinary to ultimate luxury of having to consume premium organic & natural products, sourced ethically and farmed sustainably. Our goal is to bring the best selection of well-known brands and at same time help consumers to uncover some hidden gems from all across the world. We also support and nurture brands and products made by the underprivileged and NGOs. Finally, we are constantly looking to add more of your favorite brands and products to our portfolio. If you have a favorite that me are missing – do let us know. We are also proud to be the only platform offering certified organic & traceable and farm produce US/Canada consumers. Don’t worry if you are not from US/Canada – we will be launching in your city soon! Only platform to provide both fresh farm produce and wide selection of branded organics across categories. You can get all Organic products that you need with us! Unique Farm Traceability program FOOTPRINTS for fresh produce so you know exactly which farm and farmers are delivering the nourishing goodness to you. Bringing together, expert nutritionists, chefs and users to provide expert nutrition, taste and health ratings for products. Demystifying Organics and nutrition for you – through Ask an Expert and our Organic purchase advisers. Personalized service and time saving through SMART SHOPPING – you can save time and energy by buying our readymade weekly and monthly baskets or customize them and save for future use. Further you can request for an Organic adviser to help you with your queries, do pesticide tests for your current purchases and help you plan your orders.
Location: United States, Texas, Tomball
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2016