Azure Power Systems
Idle-reduction and fleet monitoring technologies TARGET CUSTOMER: Fleets of ambulances, police cars and vehicles with high idling to support electronic systems BUSINESS REQUIREMENT: ? Reduce vehicle emissions to comply with local regulations ? Eliminate unnecessary fuel expense for idling ? Decrease maintenance costs SOLUTION: 1. The Vehicle Oversight and Efficiency Manager (VOEM) provides power to onboard electronic systems without idling the engine. Powered by batteries, the VOEM system is integrated into the vehicle, automatically starting when the vehicle is idling and recharging itself while the vehicle is operating. 2. Data captured to drive system analytics optimizing performance of the vehicle. Key insights in CO2 reduction, fuel savings, and system maintenance. FEATURES: ? Expected ROI of 12-24 months based on fuel reduction alone ? Connected to the CAN bus and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) with capability of real time monitoring ? Optional sensors to monitor and provide alerts on CO/CO2 levels, temperature, and VOCs
Member count: 1-10