Enabling commercial food supply chains to source from small farmers (iTradeNetwork.com) Azoti.com, derived from the Italian word meaning ?nitrogen? ? an enabler of plant growth, is an eProcurement and Supply Chain Mgt Software-as-a-Service company that allows large food buyers and distributors to reduce costs and waste by 20% WHILE ALSO sourcing from small local producers, which is NOT materially happening today. Currently, there is minimal off-season planning, ordering inefficiencies and lack of trust among food supply chain members, which restricts sourcing from small local producers by large buyers and distributors. These same issues affect the entire food supply chain resulting in 40% of all food produced being wasted along with high-levels of employee stress/turnover. We solve this structural problem with the food supply chain.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1.4M

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