ayzh health

We have our eyes on the future of women's health Millions of mothers and newborns die and suffer each year from preventable causes because health institutions lack simple tools and training that can improve quality of care, health and survival. To address this global issue, we increase access to life-saving, life- changing products, and improve health care provider adherence to globally recommended best practices. We project to reach one billion women, girls and new-born by 2030. Our signature kit-style products bundle essential components proven to achieve health outcomes. Kits are a convenient, customizable, low-cost solution for health institutions, acting as a checklist to promote best practices set by global experts like the world health organization. Our expanding product suite: 1. janma - clean birth 2. shishu - essential newborn care 3. maitri - clean birth/ new born 4. kanya - menstrual hygiene 5. janani - post- partum hygiene