A smart drinking sensor for athletes Aydrate is developing a smart real-time water intake sensor to help athletes which use hydration bags keeping their performance high and safe using a smart algorithm. Aydrate is set on solving Real time hydration measurement using a clamp-on flow sensor. Fitting our Aydrate sensor will be intuitive, the user will only have to clamp on the sensor on his or hers own gear and install our app on their smartphone. This solution using both software and hardware will allow users to take part in the quantified-self movement and have a better understanding of their own body. We are the first company to aim the real time measurement of water intake during activity to serve as a self hydration management tool to improve performance and safety. Aydrate changes the endurance sport world. Tracking personal hydration was never this easy. Aydrate will make sure that you are well hydrated so you can maximize your performance and stay healthy.