We are a local business and product finder and shopper. Yelp meets Postmates in the GCC B2C: Users can read and write reviews and view other users? photos. Users can compare prices of a product from different businesses. Users can search for businesses in English and Arabic. The SEO is able to give the correct results of business(es) or a product(s) through key terms, subcategories, and location. Users are able to browse the latest products of a business. Users are able to chat with each other and ask experts reviewers for advice. Users get notified when there are sales and new collection at their ?liked? businesses. Users are able to buy products of local businesses listed on Aybiz. Users are able to receive the products the same day. Users are able to purchase gym memberships. Users are able to book and pay in advance for appointments in the service industry. B2B: The business is able to get full CRM and Analytics on who are his customers. Get full analytics on his outlets, products, and competitors. Ability to upsell & cross-sell his products or his business page.
Member count: 1-10