Ayadeena is the Arabic word for "Our hands". Ayadeena’s goal: employ, empower and educate. Here’s our story. Ayadeena was founded by Hanan Jaber Sahawneh whose summer holidays during her younger years were spent cross stitching. This hobby blossomed into a passion; a passion that has led her to fund a project to help improve the lives of underprivileged, poor and uneducated, yet skilled women in Jordan. The name Ayadeena is a tribute to the women who skillfully create these beautiful products. They are the heart of Ayadeena. They are skilled, patient, and simultaneously very ambitious women who are unable to leave their homes to work; either due to their tasks as mothers, home makers, or because of the traditional view that these women are not allowed to work outside their homes. The burden of poverty falls upon these women. Ayadeena provides a network that enables these women with an opportunity to generate an income while at home. This allows them to raise their standards of living and enables them to educate their children by sending them to school and in turn raises their self-esteem and self worth. It gives them the ability to reposition themselves in the domestic and -- hopefully with time -- achieve recognition in the public sphere. Part of the income generated by Ayadeena will be dedicated to ensure the empowerment of these women with the tools and knowledge to help them succeed in life as well as within the company. Each product meticulously crafted by these women is a laborious work of hope for a better future. The products are the empowering tools that help the women transform their lives with dignity and to provide them with the opportunity to free themselves from the economic isolation. Our hand embroidered decorative pillows are made of the finest 100% Indian raw silks and French DMC cottons.
Member count: 11-50