e-commerce platform for custom made clothes Ayaakua is developing a web based software application that aggregates companies that offer custom made clothes into a single technology platform. Our partners are online tailors and online retailers that have the capability of offering custom made clothes. We are introducing a new process for buying custom made clothes online. In this process, our users select from a pool of styles the choice they like the most, then customize their style with the available customization options, get a 3D model of themselves from a 3D capturing device or by entering measurements manually and get to virtually try them on. This unique process makes the users be more involved in design process of their clothes and gets them exactly the clothes they want in their exact measurements. Our customers are men and women ages 27 to 45 who are technology savvy, like the finer things in life at an affordable price and do not find the perfect fit from regular mass produced clothes.
Member count: 1-10