Axxis Financial Planning
To offer Care Annuities to pay the costs of residential care I am interested in discussing launching a company offering Care Annuities, sometimes called ?Immediate Needs Annuities?. These products are bought by clients needing to pay for long term residential or nursing home care and provide an income for life at the point of going into a home. I am interested in starting this in European markets where it would be the first to market ? this would include most countries in Europe except the UK. I have worked in this market for 19 years as an Independent Financial Adviser in the UK and am well connected to medical underwriters, reinsurers and actuaries who would be able to set this up. For more about Care Annuities, see my Care Annuities section of a website I wrote, which you can find here: If you would like to pursue this, please feel free to get in touch.