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Offline Payments Device (Smart Card) and App EFE SmartCard/App (Tarjeta/App EFE) - EFE has the potential to replace 100% of cash and will cover 100% of the territory, since it does not need an internet connection like all of the other solutions in the market. It will replace the ATM by making every smartphone to become a virtual ATM. This applies at least to every emerging market economy. Customers are: Citizens (security and easy to use), Merchants (security, easy to use, lower costs, and higher income) and Banks (lower costs, security, higher deposits and potential loans). There is also a special client: Government (tax collection increase, lower crime rates, more efficient financial system, higher GNP, lower interest rates, lower costs, social programs payments) and also a Fintech could be a client o Partner to complement the service. It comes in two forms: Smart card and/or App If you check thecompany web site you will not find information about this product, it is still an idea and a patent Application has been applied.
Member count: 11-50