"Learn Your Limit" We offer a systemic solution (hardware/software) in the behavioral modifciation, health and education space that deals directly with individual impairment levels and how to prevent those at higher levels from operating vehicles by creating a controlled environment. The software creates the behavior modification component with its multi-functional native app, while the hardware piece tests for accurate BAC levels and prevents the auto from starting. Integration with the auto will also provide valuble telematic information thus making a strategic partnership with a national "auto service center" a likely fit for roll out and install. With over 15 yrs experience in the mandated education and interlock marketplace, we are creating a system to be NHTSA & FDA certified as well as user/parent friendly for the voluntary segment. This product will not only act as a punitive/educational device for mandated individuals, but it will save lives and let parents rest easy in the voluntary space.
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