Axis Travel
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Personalized itinerary planning service Axis is a Machine Learnings company that suggest ideal vacation itineraries. Machine Learning (ML) is cutting-edge software that applies regressive analysis on data to accurately predict trends. Its self learning capacity means its already high accuracy rate is always improving. By asking 6-7 simple questions, using publicly available consumer data, such as social media, and using customer profile trends, Axis can leverage machine learning to create an ideal vacation itinerary for our customers. It gives us the ability to limit hundreds of thousands of events to 2-3 suggestions for each desired experience. For example our customer decides they want a nightlife experience, based on our profile data we can accurately suggest the top 3 nightlife experiences our consumers would prefer. Axis uses public information, such as school/work schedules, and customer information, such as vacation days to coordinate perfect vacation times without the hassle of planning around prior commitments.
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