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Hotel Business Distribution was neither affordable nor easy and a bit complicated. We defined and built a platform, simple to use with option of distribution to multiple business partners. Technology is tailor-made to suit the likes of Large Chain Hotels, Boutique or Mid segment hotels to bed and breakfasts or even home stays. We are driven by the passion for simplicity and practice a religious approach for questioning and challenging the online business for hospitality and tourism. AxisRooms is the need of the hour distribution platform for hotels and at affordable cost. A dedicated team of industry professionals with a mix of Business, Operations and Technology continues to set up the benchmark in online distribution that differentiates us from our competitors. All products are developed in house in consultation with advisor's from various sectors of the industry. We are continually updating and enhancing all our products to smart business tools and rich features that will assist properties to sell their rooms to multiple partners through online platform.
Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +91 80 2244 4501
Founded date: 2011

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