AxGen uses genetic testing to inform athletes about their risk for sports injuries Staying healthy is key for performing at the highest level and winning. An athlete?s unique genetic profile can inform about their personal injury risk and physiology. Leveraging actionable insights from this profile can empower an athlete with personalized training meant to reduce injury risk in order to achieve their peak potential. Your genetic make-up influences your individual risk level for athletic injuries. AxGen analyzes your genome with cutting-edge science to determine your personalized injury risk profile. Using this information, the AxGen platform has exercises and demonstrations to guide you about how to improve your resiliency and reduce your risk for injury. AxGen sports genetics advisors are both elite athletes and scientific experts. Our advisors use your genetic information to help you personalize your training regimen, so that you can stay healthy and perform at the highest level. AxGen advisors help turn analytics into actionable plans that deliver results.
Member count: 11-50