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We are a Honolulu-based property-technology company dedicated to the superior management of properties, facilities and enterprises. Our software delivers efficiency, performance and processes and allows stakeholders to make better strategic decisions resulting in valuable savings that are reinvested into communities. You may have heard of The Condo App. - in 2017, we re-branded as ‘aXessPoint’ with a fresh approach, enhanced software, and a new website. Our innovative technology is changing the way thousands of residents, property management companies, resident managers, boards and vendors get things done. Who uses aXessPoint? Everyone. Board Members: aXessPoint is highly affordable and easy to set up. Oversee projects, manage budgets, create reports, access contacts, securely store documents and stay compliant. Prioritize, plan and make better decisions even faster. Additionally, we have an industry-leading partner network complete with first-class solutions for your community including full-service accounting, and a premium project management suite. Property Managers: Receive instant updates on all properties, from maintenance projects to emergency alerts. Communicate with staff, board members and preferred vendors in seconds with one-touch functionality. Resident Managers: With aXessPoint as a virtual assistant, staying organized has never been easier. Store, send, receive and track a wide variety of communications with everyone in the community, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Residents: Skip the office visit. aXessPoint is the place for community forms; emergency plans; vendor and management communications; amenity and facility reservations; alerts; lost-and-found; and payment capabilities. Enjoy instant access 24/7. Features: Communication; Scheduling; Paperwork; Payments; Digital Bulletin Board; Analytics and Reporting; Security; One-touch Contact; New Tenant Inspections Log; Emergency Information; Guest Parking Registration; Instant Messenger Chat.
Location: United States, Hawaii, Honolulu
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2015