We crowdsource love. Put it in a box. Make everyone feel awesome We combine digital, social and creative tools to build an entirely new class of original personalized products from users? unique communities. AwesomeBox, our first in a series of products, is a scalable platform to create hyper-personalized, collaborative ?social gifts? for birthdays, weddings, graduations and corporate employee/client appreciation. ? Launched Nov 2014 ? 10% W-W growth for 18 weeks and running A ?host? starts an AwesomeBox on our site and invites others to celebrate someone. Collaborators add photos and messages that automatically turn into beautifully designed cards. AwesomeBox rolls it all up into a surprise gift. A custom printed box set of cards costs $49 for 25, $79 for 50 or $119 for 100 with high gross margin and no inventory costs since we drop ship. Additional revenue streams from participants & recipients will grow the average revenue per box to $170.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $343K