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Eventbrite for community film screenings AwareCinema is a distribution platform for nichel films employing a national network of local organizers, partners and venues. It bypasses the current film distribution roadblocks that sees only about 18% of films get distribution deals by curating only targeted films and creating community around screenings. The platform is an Eventbrite? for films, making it easy for local hosts to produce community screening events that bring together people to inform, inspire and empower them through the power of these films, speaker dialogues and community engagement. Aware Cinema creates networks of screening hosts around areas of interest and provides the tools that help generate revenue for themselves and/or a related cause. Through this unique distribution strategy we collect data around these interest groups and create an alternative box office enabling measurement not only of sales, but of the impact of these films. This model is applies to any interest group with a large following.
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 3273176