Awakening of Heroes
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena We created the game in which ordinary people awaken their super powers and fight for remembering and glory. They are fighting 5 vs. 5 in the real time combat with the goal to destroy opponents base. Game is in MOBA genre which is bringing funny and relaxing experience of social gaming to mid-core gamers with a possibility of playing on different platforms. AoH is built in Unity 3D engine, thus enabling the playing experience on mobiles, PC or MAC computers and it has support for Oculus VR. At the moment Facebook is strongly pushing more complex games and AoH will be the first MOBA game on that platform. AoH is based on proven MOBA "freemium" business model followed with innovative monetization approach on top of it. Our key customer segments are gamers currently playing casual games on Facebook or tablets ready to move to more complex games and hardcore gamers that don?t have enough time to learn new games or want to relax by playing a similar game with arcade and fun elements.
Member count: 1-10