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Avotronics Powertrain

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We have developed and about to launch a new hybrid transmission upgrade to the Automatic transmission in vehicles, to substantially reduce fuel consumption and cost of refueling by over 30%. This amounts to huge savings for high mileage driving and for the first time, a robust mainstream fuel saving technology that assists the OEMs with the pending new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) mpg standard due from 2016 models. The top 16 US OEMs for example, have a combined 886% gap to close with their 2016 models, that is average brand fleet mpg at 38.5 which even gets tougher barely 9 years later, 2025 at 54.5mpg Our recently patented transmission technology can be installed in all light and selected medium duty vehicles running on gasoline, diesel, CNG/LNG engines and a range extender (modified configuration) in plug-in hybrids and regenerative electric vehicles. JOIN US IN OUR JOURNEY TO UPGRADE YOUR DRIVING EXPERIENCE!
Location: United States, Ohio, Columbus
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Total raised: $565K
Founded date: 2011

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