A freebie from a business Avooga is simple! We're taking hard copy freebies and taking them online. Small business owners tend to worry about publishing their sample/free product to the world wide web in fear that they will be abused. Avooga, through the use of mobile numbers as account verification, and facebook log-ins, can be used to offer free products without being abused! But that's not all. Using our unique sign in options not only are you driving traffic to your business. You're also gathering their following and demographic information (no names or contacts will be shared). The use is simple. Potential consumers see an avooga they like (ex. free tap beer at XYZ Bar to all new clients). They then sign up at Avooga.com, grab the Avooga they like and redeem them at the business. By doing this, consumers will automatically start following the business and get weekly updates of upcoming avoogas (from selected businesses) thus driving new and continued traffic to the business.
Member count: 1-10