A smart plant growing system Avolved produces a smart plant growing system. It helps professional and hobbyist growers alike know what their plants know. The adaptive system integrates cloud-based software and smart app modules with a professional-grade sensor network to collect cultivation data for alerts, monitoring, reporting and controlling plants growing systems. We take the guesswork out of growing plants, compensate for human error, and boost efficiency. Primary users include small to mid-size commercial growers and semi-pro or home plant growers looking for greater certainty and convenience. The Avolved System: 1) Subscription-based grower apps and modules for mobile, PC and greenhouse devices 2) Software backend and toolkit for customizing and optimizing features and functions 3) Networked Nodes, Sensors and Mobile apps are designed for easy self set-up and operation The system is affordable enough that small and large growers can get great ROI with low, medium and high-density installations.
Member count: 1-10