Delicious made healthy Avocado Desserts aims to redefine the dessert and snack markets by providing balanced, portion-controlled and wholesome desserts. The concept of using avocados to replace unhealthy fat source from traditional desserts was born in the Food Science laboratories of McGill in 2015 with our first product: Avocado Tiramisu. After winning the 2015 IFT North American competition for new food product, we decided to launch our food venture in February 2016. In the past year we have developed over 5 innovative recipes with our R&D team. We have secured our position in the Montreal entrepreuneur community through the McGill accelerator program and the District 3 coaching. Through our catering service, we have sold over 600 desserts and signed contracts with independent coffee shops in Montreal. Today, we are hungry for more and we are ready to expand and become the reference for healthy snacking in Canada.