Short-term Paid Projects for Students For students, most part-time positions ? baristas, waiters, office assistants ? are rarely rooted in true passion or know-how. Instead, they are a means to an end, default jobs that offer acceptable wages and flexible hours. But what if there were a better way for college students to make money? What if there were a way to transform their real talents, whether it be computer science, graphic design, or writing, into real earnings with the same accommodating schedule ? and benefit employers in the process? Avidest pairs students from top universities with short-term paid projects that correspond specifically to their skill sets. Unlike other recruiting websites, Avidest?s goal is not to produce thousands of remotely compatible freelancer-employer matches, but rather to generate a smaller number of more meaningful results. We also help students start their own businesses. We've had Comp Sci students start their own web dev shops, English majors start blog writing companies, etc..