Open reduction bone fixation devices Both the uniqueness and distinction between Avicenna and current producers of bone fixation hardware is the utilization of currently available bio-resorbable and bio-degradable polymers to form a bone fixation system. This takes advantage of the fact that the materials of this construction are already known to the regulatory and health agencies. The fixation plates mimic similar designs as other products to permit ease of surgical and regulatory acceptance and usability. However, the product features biopolymers that are biodegradable/bioresorbable. An additional improvement is the incorporation of patent pending fastening systems that lock in the biodegradable/bioresorbable fixation plates. The fasteners are also biodegradable/bioresorbable. The product features reduce the instance for revision or follow up surgery thus promoting the recovery time by the patient. It also cuts the cost down. ?We proudly call our product lines GREEN and SUSTAINABLE.? Boris Zubry .
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