Aviation Safety Advancements

Innovative Aerospace Safety Technology Loss of control in-flight is the leading cause of fatalities in commercial and business aviation worldwide. Continental Express Flight 3407, Air France Flight 447 and Indonesia Flight 8501 are all notable examples of loss of control accidents with significant fatalities. From 1999 to present, there have been over 4,000 fatalities to loss of control accidents in commercial and business aviation worldwide, more than double the fatalities than any other category of aviation accidents. Aircraft Upset Recovery Augmentation, or AURA, is an innovative technology designed to prevent or recover a passenger jet aircraft from an upset or loss of control situation. It is the first technology of its kind that directly addresses the human response error factor that is present in over 90% of loss of control accidents. The global aviation industry has addressed a need for a solution. We have developed that solution with AURA.
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