Aerospace Palace Academy, Nigeria
STEM Education & Aerospace Micro-Lesson Online STEM Education & Aerospace Micro-Lesson is an online programme. Currently we have several courses on-going. Our mission is to stimulate a lasting interest in the STEM disciplines, with the goal of encouraging students to pursue careers in these fields. This is accomplished by actively involving students in the support of authentic research currently being conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) or in a NASA ground-based laboratory. This will inspire young generation in developing nations and underserved group in developed nations around the world to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); for the future will be built on people?s capacity to innovate, invent, and solve problems creatively. Through collaboration with NASA and NASA sponsored researchers, we created an educational mini-curriculum for the high school or middle school classroom that engages students as research assistants, providing data for the Principal Investigator.
Member count: 11-50