AVIAN software

Platform for ACMI booking Sometimes airlines have to, as a result of unexpected occurances, request aircraft availabilities at the last minute from other airlines to cover their production. In this situation, you have to contact a lot of airlines or ask a broker to help. Which takes a lot of time and may cost broker commission. The AVIAN software airlines offers a whole new and effective alternative. With the AVIAN the suitable aircraft availability is just a couple of mouse clicks away. The contact will be directly to the airline offering the availability. So your airline will save both time and money. Submit outbound request in just 1 minute. Login to platform via your browser. No additional software is needed. Choose the incoming request from available list. Proposal submit takes no longer than 2 minutes. Get notifications about new requests to e-mail or directly in browser. Start a secure chat with requesting part to discuss all the necessary details before making a booking.
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