AviAsia Aviation Solutions Inc.

AviAsia Aviation Solutions Inc.

Since the founding of AviAsia in 2010, we strive to ensure the success of all of our clients as well as the aviation industry. We are fueled by a passion to see this industry grow and look to accomplish this growth through our clients. We pride ourselves on our simple 3 step process that guarantees success to our clients. OBSERVE AviAsia is most interested in advancing the aviation industry around the world. We are often seeking opportunities that will make significant impact to the community it serves. Additionally, our clients may have specific needs that they want us to address. In either case, the first step is to understand what the opportunity is and all of the elements it contains. This involves our experts working together to understand the different aspects of each project. FORMULATE Once our team understands the opportunity and all of the elements within it, they must compile a formula for success.That means developing a strategic plan that will ensure that all parties involved will be successful with this development in aviation.This will include the client, citizens, and our team. This formula for success will include projects and goals to ensure that there is a clear and visible solution. It will also explain costs, timelines, and rewards. ACHIEVE Once the formula is approved, it is time for action. This is another aspect of where our team is special. We stop at nothing to achieve our goals. We utilize our partners and other experts throughout varies industries to ensure the successful implementation of the formula. Our Services Include: Aviation Consultancy | Business Improvement Plans and Execution | Flight Training Solutions for Individuals and Companies | Parts, Engines and Airframe Acquisition and Sales | ACMI & Charter | Aircraft Sales & Lease | General Aviation Company Setup, Management and Operations | UAV Sales and Operation Solutions
Location: China, Shanghai
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2010