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Improved Health Information Management (iTriage) The 1st phase is a patient centered health information management application utilizing Google?s Zygote Body. The App will allow users to have instant access to all health history information including documents/scans/medications loaded into a 3D body map. The body map will have AI built in to create probability indexes of illnesses based on the symptoms and patient history. VivA will also utilize a ?how are you feeling today?? prompt to create real time geo located maps of communicable diseases from patient data. Lastly, VivA will have an auto sync restricted to first responders/medical professionals for Google Glass and smart phones. This feature will instantly display all pertinent patient information such as medications, blood type, pre-existing conditions etc. The 2nd stage is a hospital Electronic Medical Record using the 3D body map for healthcare providers to easily access the health history of their patients as well as update the map while syncing with the patient app.
Total raised: $50K