Drone inspection technology Avetics Pte Ltd was co-founded in 2012 by Zhang Weiliang and Joshua Chao, operating in the drone inspection industry. Avetics operates in industries such as construction, housing, utilities and marine, with clients from both the public and private sectors in South East Asia. It was awarded the UAV master contract to serve Singapore government?s UAV needs in 2016. With a robust R&D department, Avetics also develops its own confine space drone. The Aquila is a drone that can operate safely in a full metal environment and key trials have been done with oil and gas majors. Avetics? in-house developed drone management software, Exmaps, provides tools for drone fleet management, flight management and 3D visualisation of drone flight path. In 2017, Exmaps? user interface was revamped and features in drone data contextualisation using 3D maps and models were added.
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