Avestu Institute

Startup Consultancy + Idea Rating Agency: Transforming socio-political risk analysis We are a strategic partner for early stage startups. We work like an idea rating agency. We rate social, political and financial risk according to an algorithm developed by our founder Verena Alice Sturm and Hisham Al Saghbini at Hult International Business School, London, in 2011. We believe our method for rating risk transforms and highly improves current ways of assessing a company's, region?s or ideology's risk profile - and the milestones on the way to minimising said risks. Our methodology makes it easy to track, tackle and monitoring the risks associated with any entrepreneurial endeavour. This is more than trend analysis, we help you gauge the specific stage of development or 'maturity' of any socio-political, financial or business idea and stay at your side throughout the process. We are also about to build a market place for risk relevant expertise and experts, along with an idea data base. For more information please contact our founder at v.sturm@outlook.com .
Member count: 1-10