Singapore's First Blockchain-enabled Real Estate Marketplace & Platform Averspace is a pure P2P Real Estate Platform and Tool that simplifies real estate transactions for everyone. We empower homeowners, buyers and tenants to meet, negotiate and transact easily on our platform. In Asia, the real estate industry is dysfunctional: where bid/offer prices are at the behest of real estate agents, whom in return are fuelled by a flawed incentive structure, transaction fees are high and a mediocre service level. Homeowners, buyers and tenants may not be getting the best representation of their interest! Averspace intends to fix this with a simple DIY platform and tool that provides: - Digital Platform for property owners to advertise properties and schedule viewing / inspection appointments - Step by step guiding interface for homeowners / buyers / tenants to lead users towards performing a transaction - information / metrics to help users with decision making - Platform interface with financial institutions / conveyance lawyers for transactions
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 496965847164341