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We are a global technology company helping our industrial clients in their digital transformation journey through the applications of Digital Platforms, Marketplaces, Data Engineering & Analytics, AI & Data Science, Mobility Solutions, & Process Automation. We develop platforms for life sciences, biotech, geospatial intelligence, & hi-tech industries. Our work in different fields include: Life Science: We work with leading pharma, biotech, & diagnostics companies to provide technical know-how & support to build their digital ecosystem. We also help in developing solutions for telehealth, clinical outcomes assessment, biotech manufacturing (cell therapy and gene therapy), and digital pathology. Geospatial Intelligence: We offer geospatial solutions with accurate data mapping & management services, horizontal & vertical integration of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, & Satellite Imagery based Multi-Class Object Detection. We offer services in Photogrammetry, GIS, and Surveys in industries such as oil & gas, utilities, geoportals, smart cities, insurance, logistics, & the agriculture sector. AI & Computer Vision: We deliver top-of-the line computer vision & AI image recognition services that can be used to extract & process high-dimensional data, digital images, & videos to produce information on real-time, enabling companies to enhance their processes & effectively meet their goals. We offer Image-Video, Text Analytics Solutions for enabling enterprises to derive actionable insights to increase business efficiency. We offer both offline & real-time digital image processing solutions; equipped with data labeling, automated testing, dashboards and analysis. Our featured work consists of: DRIP & CPV automation platforms, CPV Automation document processing platform, AI based platform for digital pathology, Satellite Image Analysis (SIA) platform for object detection, & much more. For more information, please visit www.aventior.com.
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge
Member count: 501-1000
Founded date: 2017