Empowering Patient-Centered, Coordinated Care SurvivorPlan delivers follow-up care planning and management for cancer survivors and the teams of healthcare providers who support them.. We believe in empowering survivors to be educated, in control, and activated to manage their own ongoing follow-up care. We also believe in helping healthcare providers give patients the tools they need. These are tools that educate survivors and give them a living roadmap against which years of follow-up care can be tracked. That is why we are building SurvivorPlan which will: Enable healthcare providers to easily create treatment summaries and follow-up care plans for their survivor patients. Support survivors by giving them full access to their personalized, web-based treatment summaries and follow-up care plans, along with roadmaps, learning guides, online reminders, personal journals, and continuous tracking against their plan. Facilitate coordination of care between treating physicians, primary care physicians, and specialists.