Indoor GoogleMaps & Real-life Facebook Advertisement (for Shopping Malls) We developed an infrastructure-free indoor location technology using WiFi. We offer Android apps for consumers in shopping malls for navigation & deals. We also offer analytics of shopper behavior for mall management & retail brands as a service. We have streamlined our process to enable venues quickly, inexpensively and w/o a need for a prior agreement. Our app works in a lot of malls and provide tangible utility to shoppers such as navigation to shops and user?s car and personalized deals. Our service helps mall management & brands to understand shopper behavior w/o the need for developing apps or acquiring users, and is an alternative to expensive market research studies. We provide reports on shopper visits, duration, periodicity etc. categorized by demographics. We also provide competitor analysis across malls & brands. Later, we plan to offer a location-based targeted marketing platform which can measure the conversion rate of people going to the shop after seeing a deal.