Aveine, the first connected wine aerator. Any wine, any time, perfectly aerated instantly Who doesn?t enjoy a quality glass of wine with dinner, right? Yet, to obtain the best wine experience you need to decant, or aerate, the wine, a mysterious and often intimidating process to the average consumer. Aveine has created the first digitally connected wine aerator to elevate the drinking experience while making the process easy and fun! How does it work? You place the device on the bottle, scan the label with your smartphone and the algorithm deduces the ideal wine tasting conditions; then the app pairs with the aerator to automatically adjust the precise level of aeration for the selected bottle. Aveine?s wine aerator houses a patented technology that recreates an aeration equivalent to 1 min and up to 24 hours in an instant. The only thing left to do is pour through the aerator for a perfectly served glass of wine. Et voil?!