Advanced Vehicle and Engine Innovation
Advanced Vehicles and Engines for Space and Flight ENGINES PDHTF Pulse Detonation Hi-Bypass Turbofan PDLTF Pulse Detonation Low-Bypass Turbofan PDM Pulse Detonation multi-cycle Turbofan Scramjet Rocket Pulse detonation engines (PDEs) use a small chambered explosion of fuel to provide thrust rather than a continuous burn of fuel in a turbine. The difference is in the speed. The flame from the combustion of fuel in a turbine proceeds at subsonic speeds while the detonation of fuel in a PDE proceeds at supersonic speeds. AVEI proprietary designs use unique multi-chambered designs to produce hybrids between PDEs and turbine technology. This unique approach produces more power and greater fuel efficiency then current engine designs. We believe that these PD turbines will revolutionize the aerospace engine industry. Our PDM engine with the ARN (annular rocket nozzle) concept is for a new horizontal take-off and landing reusable launch vehicle to put satellites and humans in to orbit.
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