Avar Energy

Delivering Tesla type energy solutions to Africa home and business We deliver high tech and innovative renewable energy products from the US to fill the power gap created by erratic power supply in Ghana, which is bound to worsen. This helps our customers to be independent of the erratic national grid which has reduced their productivity by a third, whiles managing the use of their own micro independent power source to meet their optimum productivity level, increase production and company value. Our clients will reduce power cost in the immediate to long term and decrease their energy poverty level which has led to a loss of 2.1% of GDP over the last year. We are targeting the entire 3 main sectors of services, manufacturing, and agric. Companies such as telecoms for their cell-sites, hospitals for their critical operations, bank branches across the country, ATMs, remote installations, NGOs, farms.etc. Due to the growth Ghana has enjoyed over the last 10 years and the boom created by crude discovery, the new middle call shall also be served.
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