Sling empowers the underserved micro-merchant sector, enabling them to unlock mobile finance to grow their business. More than 200m micro-businesses (flea market vendors, sole traders, etc) around the world are underserved by the entire financial chain: Unbanked. Un-Credited. Un-Technological. Sling is democratizing technology for the base-of-the-pyramid audiences, enabling them to finally adopt advanced payment methods, unlock analytics and leverage loyalty channels that have been non existent until now. No hardware. Instant onboarding. Zero friction between micro-merchant and consumer Merchants onboard the service in mere minutes and start accepting payments in a frictionless process. Merchants are geared with payment-enabled tangibles, named 'Slings'​; payment bracelet, labels and tag. Sling's unique non-hardware tangible elements serve as both roving POS (at 0 cost) as well as an 'access key'​ to a variety of unique fintech capacities called Pebbles
Location: Israel, Tel Aviv District, Ramat Gan
Member count: 51-200
Founded date: 2013

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