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Avans Corp

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About Us Why We Exist Our Solutions & Benefits Founded in 2014, Avans Corp, a member of Avans Group. started its international trade operations linking the South American, South East Asian and European markets in single and clean transactions. Our team is located in different countries and continents in order to ensure a fast and reliable process. Due to our alliances with suppliers, agencies, distributors, traders, logistic companies and investors, we provide an external supply chain management and consulting services with international scope. National Companies in many countries see the interest in importing products from all over the world to satisfy their local demand, at the same time, local enterprises and brands are always looking forward to get new and bigger markets. Nevertheless, due to the high quantity and diversity of products/markets, these companies must deal with a large number of parties from all horizons with different banks, payment terms, customs, laws, etc. It becomes therfore long and energy-consumimng to seek the right producers, clients, distributors, prices, agreements and partners in general. Thanks to the presence of Avans Corp in Asia and South America, we offer to search, to link, to coordinate logistics operations and to implement payment agreements. We work on the legal and tax details on each supplier's country, being involved not just as an intermediary. We therefore allocate resources directly, according to the client's needs and requirements. Our client only focuses on the productive or reselling activities by giving the expansion and acquisition hard work to Avans Corp. In this process, our partner protects its finances, reducing its logistic and administrative operations and gets transactions with lower risks.
Location: Colombia, Bogota
Employees: 11-50
Founded date: 2014

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