Avani Bio Energy

Clean Energy from Pine Needles ABE is generating clean electricity and cooking charcoal from ecologically harmful pine needles, which spread forest fires and destroy the fragile Himalayan ecosystem. Problem: Flammable pine needles in large tracts of pine forests in Himalayas spread recurrent fires destroying biodiversity and ecosystem services, main sources of livelihood for the rural poor. Solution: ABE employs people in the villages to collect these fallen pine needles before they burn, and converts them in to clean energy for rural needs, thus reducing carbon emissions, regenerating biodiversity and above all creating jobs in the villages. Electricity is generated through gasification of pine needles and the residual charcoal is briquetted. Technology: The technology used is gasification which is based on pyrolysis. Business Model Avani Bio Energy is looking to build a sustainable energy generation( 120 KW capacity) and delivery business based on pine needles and connecting the gasifier to the grid.
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