first online system property appraisals AVALUO FACIL: the first 100% online econometric system that performs accurate property appraisals in less than 5 minutes. We provide a virtual system that predicts the market value of any property based on econometric techniques in LATAM. The current process requires incurs many costs. When you request an appraisal, call the expert, tells the geographic location of the property. Following this, the practitioner moves to the site and in his office calculated an approximate price of the property. Then generates a charge account with the cost that the calculated hits a written report is presented, the client verifies the certificate, and pays for the service. Aval?o F?cil is the new way to predict prices. The process in terms of steps, practicality and accuracy is very different. The customer goes to the website, enter the data and characteristics of your property, and the system generates an immediate certificate with 95% accuracy, the market value of your property.
Member count: 1-10