Deep data for a safe world AVA is an artificial intelligence, specializing in public safety, security, and risk prediction for the physical world. Monitoring and analyzing a continuously increasing number of information streams and data sources, AVA calculates the past, present, and predictive security and risk for any given location. Relevant patterns, increasing threats and incidents are detected in real-time, enabling the fastest and best-informed decisions. In addition to crime, terrorism, fire, accidents, natural forces, industrial and health hazards, many other factors are covered by AVA. The overall system is operated in full compliance with European privacy and privacy regulations GDPR. In addition, AVA adheres to the highest standards in terms of technological, social and entrepreneurial ethics. AVA was founded during 2014 in Berlin. International customers include major cities, various public transport operators, and many global players in logistics, tourism, mobility, insurance and real estate.
Member count: 51-200
Phone: 5394524