Auxocell Laboratories
Cell Therapy for the Veterinary Space Auxocell Laboratories, Inc. has invented a solid tissue processing tool called the Auxocell Processing System or (AC:Px). The AC:Px has 8 Granted Patents. We are looking to raise money to enter the Veterinary space and utilize our technology to Animal Placentas and Umbilical Cords. Our technology results in a vastly superior product that will effectively treat OsteoAthritis in Dogs. We are also able to offer this product immediately without additional approval required from the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine. The Market for our product is huge the Vet Market is a 37 Billion dollar market and approximately 15,000,000 dogs are suffering from OsteoAthritis and are potential customers. Once we require data using our product to treat animals in the Vetinary space, we will potentially leverage this data into the human market without having to do additional pre-clinical work. However, we are seeking to raise capital to enter the Veterinary Space at this time.