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Smart products for elderlies and their caregivers Dehydration, common among elders, is currently found to be persistent both at home and at health care facilities. This prevalent issue can result in serious consequences and impacts on health. Furthermore, it is known to be one of the ten most frequent disorders to be diagnosed that justifies the hospitalization of patients over 65 years. Thus, with the strong intention and obligation of addressing this issue, Auxivia has developed its first service. Initially based on smart glasses, it accompanies staff and caregivers to help prevent dehydration among the elderly, both in medical settings and at home. These smart glasses created by Auxivia ensure the traceability of hydration among the elderly, prevent hygienic risks and detect the emergence of various behavioral disorders (Auxivia patent). As a result of this first service, AUXIVIA bears witness to the significant contribution that innovation in its uses can have on the everyday life of elderly persons and their caregivers.