Auxesis Outreach, Inc.
Online Matchmaker Platform for Connecting Organizations, & Donors w/ Community Causes Online Matchmaker Platform for Connecting Organizations & Donors with Community Causes (strategically, with scalability, and measurable social impact) Converting Financial Growth into a Financial Instrument that can be Traded like Stocks and Bonds. Auxesis provides the nation an opportunity to now invest in the base and foundation of the US economy and restore the splintered vision of the American dream. The future of social media lies with connecting companies, government, and organizations with citizens and community causes. We have not only found a way to connect available resources and true demand, we have, more importantly, found a revolutionary business structure and plan that is capable of being a key to a historic self-sufficient national recovery and stabilization effort that has the ability to be implemented in capital market places. We intend to pioneer an innovative business model that is ahead of its time. We look to leave a legendary impact on the world
Member count: 1-10