Analyze, understand, and replicate all music At the basis, this is a productive innovative algorithm to produce new music in desired styles with little very little technical and production skills. My goal of a product is a successful system interactive where musicians can wave a wand in the dive to produce their desired sound, making it very easy to produce any desired music. Users select various parameters to create a song of their interests, without the hassle of production, arranging, the software is autocomplete for music as complex as operatic music, because the user fully can make music just by drawing on the screen. See technical notes here: docs.google.com/document/d/1xNGvWcfaafA-SrEBSNdV6UM25XM-t-71c5aUfa5E6ZI/edit?? 1. Generate ideas 2. Use user-submitted ideas to generate complete, perfectly produced in your desired patterns. 3. Analyze musical styles and categorize an manipulate these patterns more music of various styles.