?Start your car with your fingerprint? Identisafe helps to reduce car theft which occurs every 5 minutes globally by using biometric security access and ignition start. Problem - Video BMW Car theft in UK: zdnet.com/hackers-steal-keyless-bmw-in-under-3-minutes-video-7000000507 Solution Video - Identisafe : youtube.com/watch?v=QVkqnh4hA7c UK Patent:GB1315463.8 Identisafe is installed on car dashboard.It can be used with key or without key to start car.Every person who drives the car enrolls his fingerprint on device. Memory 10 fingerprints.Fingerprint of authorised driver is verified before starting the car with key or without key.Only authorised and registered users can start car avoiding car theft.(Every individuals fingerprint are unique)Valet mode function allows to over ride fingerprint -start mode,thus permitting car to be parked by hotel staff and repaired by car mechanic or car dealer.Car accessory dealers can easily install it in 15 minutes without affecting car warranty & guarantee .