We Sell Auto Accessories. 10,000 SKUs / 50,000 monthly visitors Using technology, AutoMaximizer will disrupt the Secondary Automotive Industry in the same way AutoMax, Inc. (over $100 Million in Sales) and TrueAuto, Inc. (IPO, 2014) have disrupted the retail Automobile markets. Hundreds of Thousands of Automobiles are scrapped annually (and pollute our environment) because a financial incentive system does not exist to bring them to market. Over 90% of Car Buyers now use the Internet during the car buying process (Craigslist, eBay, AutoTrader, etc) and there's a growing trend to "Customize" automobiles (new or used) with after-market add-ons from AutoZone, PepBoys, Amazon/eBay, etc. However, when given an Opportunity, 80% of New & Used Car buyers pay extra for Customizations - AutoMaximizer allows the entire automobile to be Ultra-Customized...at-the-time-of-the-purchase-financing-decision! Even the Horn! Mission Statement = "To maximize the joy found during the car buying experience". MOTTO = "Customize your Auto to the Max"
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