Car Searching, Shopping, and Buying Simplified As explained in the 'Tech' section above, Autohitch is a solution that substantially reduces the amount of time spent searching for, finding, and purchasing a vehicle. Our initial research confirmed for us that the customers awaiting our solutions are Women and Millennials, although simplicity is hardly something that discriminates among car buyers. Breaking down the search is simply the first step of a 3 part solution that creates a marketplace between the consumer, dealer, and the online only retailer (Shift, Carvana). No two used cars are the same, no two buyers are the same, and no two purchases are the same. For these reasons, many consumers and sellers are forced to use multiple products and services along the way thus contributing to the 11+ hours spent online and the 3-5 hours spent in the dealership. Autohitch seeks to change all that, intelligently, by pairing new technology with what works today. The future doesn't have to be far off, it can be now.
Member count: 1-10